Information on chipmunks

Korean squirrel is a small rodent sympathetic that we find in many pet shops, it is best to be well informed from various sources to provide the best possible conditions before purchasing any animal learn not by brute force based mistakes.

We should always think first the location, squirrels need large cages, really in a cage at home is going to be very short, but as men we need pets, as even a crocodile. Think that squirrels have nothing to do with the movie of Alvin and the Chipmunks, the domestication process will be long lasting, we get little more than feed them by the hand and going in and out of the cage, I really if we not to bite when we catch it will be an achievement.

Big horse, walk or not walk, buy without hesitation cage bigger than podais offer and if you have availability of a large cage in the garden with trees and everything better.

In his cage should have a shelter, as a nest box for parakeets, branches up and down, a wheel for exercise, clean water and food available, as well as extreme cleaning to ensure their better health.

An important aspect to consider is that squirrels hibernate inside for this reason it will difficult.

In late Autumn collected as if just food and put it on your shelter, we offer many nuts and not to disturb or touch their nest under any circumstances until you get the spring in and out of their lethargy.

For proper nutrition should give them a rich variety of seeds, nuts and fruits, so proteinca comoalgo of animal, either in the form of compound feed is as clean or mealworms for example. Squirrels often fall into the hands of children and you have to pay attention to not to give filth as gum, chocolate, worms, this will do them no good and may get sick if you know what could be the reason.

Squirrels are rodents and their teeth never stop growing, wood and other things need to gnaw, sells special toys for them.

100% is recommended that our squirrel primer available to a professional veterinary and decide on the needs you may have for not pose any risk to our health and that of our children, as any bite can be tricky.