Information about ferrets

If you are reading this article is because you have some curiosity or questions about ferrets, you are right to investigate before you do anything, ferrets like all animals need special care that we should not learn the hard way

What do ferrets eat?

Ferrets are carnivores and hunters. In captivity we must provide them with a diet of dry food for cats and ferrets, it is not advisable to give them raw meat or chicks or mice pinkies or anything like that.

What character have ferrets?

Ferrets are very restless and curious, they will do many things in the house if you're not eye with them. They are not aggressive, but playful and loving.

How is the reproduction of the ferret?

They have two reproductive periods, Spring and Autumn. However, the animals that live in the house could breed throughout the year.

The copula is quite violent, have you ever seen Cats? because the ferret also grabs the female's neck and drags enough.

Gestation lasts about 40 days, after which the female will give birth to their pups suckle and care until they can fend for themselves.

Where should I keep the ferret?

Ferrets can have them in a cage, but we give them freedom within the house to stretch their legs and move, it's important not to keep them locked forever in the cage, because you need to socialize.

Can you play with the ferret?

Of course, in fact the ferret is an animal and cuiroso very playful, loves to explore new things and get over here and over there, so you're going to tire you before the.

What are the diseases of the ferret?

Ferrets are prone to certain diseases. We must be strict and keep your primer veterinary day is one more family and we provide necessary veterinary care. You do not take this lightly.

How long is experiencing a ferret?

Ferrets are fairly long, could live about 10 years, each year of ferret equals 7 human years.

Should I run to my ferret?

The operation is usually performed to ferrets is castration to prevent odor. We should expect to have at least one year old and has had her first heat.

How many offspring have a ferret?

Ferrets can be between 6 and 12 young.

How much does a ferret?

We get ferrets for about 30 $.

Do ferrets are aggressive?

No, ferrets are not aggressive, by contrast are playful and affectionate, but the character of the ferret depends on each ferret.

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