What do you know about horses?

How old lives a horse?

The horses live between 15 and 20 years, but cases are known up to 30 years.

How many colors are there in horses?

It seems that they are about 20 colors, brown, tan, sabino, muddy, crawled, wolfish ...

Although the basic coats are 3, Black, Brown and Red.

How many horse races are there?

There are about 400 recognized breeds of horses in the world, we leave an interesting link:


How much does a horse cost?

During times of crisis people leave the horses, really a normal horse will be free if you keep it in the stable where you get it. From here you want to pay for a horse.

How much does a horse eat?

A further 10 kg adult horse will eat straw a day.

How much weight a horse?

Approximately half a ton of horse case ...

How long is a horse?

Much depends on the race, so we would say that about 2 meters could measure a horse.

When can you breed a horse?

From 3 years of age, although females are more precocious.

How long does the pregnancy of a horse?

11 months

How long does a foal breast?

Normally can be about 6 months, from this age can wean.

How many horses are there in the world?

According to wikipedia we have 60 million horses.

What's the fastest horse?

Without a doubt , English thoroughbred .

How many horses run away at the races?

They are usually 400 meters.

What is the maximum speed that can reach a horse?

60 Kilometers per hour, one of the most fast animal in the world, if, after the cheetah reaches 90 kilometers per hour.

How often should a horse drink?

The water is very imporant for horse hydration, must have at his disposal whenever abundacio water daily.

How you teach a horse?

Good question ... this we leave for another article.



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