Nano Aquariums or small tanks?

When no meat, everything I eat. Nature lovers will feel predilection for aquariums and fish tanks, a small slice of life, plants and animals.

Each time floors are smaller and there is no room for anything almost, the society tells us, work and in your spare time go to restaurants and maje travel s... Have you thought how much you suffer with a trip? If you go to Palace of Versailles you will have to take advantage possibly will not come back to that wonderful garden and you should walk it whole through the corridors, because you're going to end up exhausted.

As we said in the title, because we are not talking about travels, fashion are the nano aquariums, or the small aquariums?. Stay small because you will be relegated to a corner of the house fighting with a lamp for the space for your super 7 liter aquarium. In which a single trunk fits pretty feet and out the top, but you could mount it nice landscaping style. A stone slate, which only fits on end and average out. Fortunately, the aquarium had no lid. We will use your vertical. A java moss threads and that if ... Aquarium queens Orange heteropoda Neocardina Sakura

The good thing about a small aquarium is that if I ride well, with less than 100 Euros of budget you have securely mounted, with tenants and all.

. - Urn 10 Euro

. - Filter 15 Euros

. - Led Light 15 Euros

. - Trunk, stone and gravel 10 Euro.

. - Shrimps 20 Euros

In a small aquarium parameters can be triggered much earlier than in a big one, so we introduce copies biological load that add little to the aquarium such as prawns and weekly changes of 20% water, but perhaps it would be better than 10% each 3 days. But this should not be told to someone asks you for the aquarium, because he will think he will have to do too much work and will be a exfuture aquarist.




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