The queens of the nano aquarium

Neocaridina Heteropoda var "Yellow"

Size: Males 2.5 cm, females up to 3.5 cm.

Temperature: 12-30 ° C

Parameters: pH 6,5, 7, 5 Gh 4-16. Kh 0-8.

Aquarius: 10 liters

Food: They will accept all types of food.

Difficulty: Easy.

Behavior: Very peaceful.




We have before us a variety of color of cherry shrimp, they are the main source of our DNA invertebrates freshwater aquarium colors. These small shrimps are becoming more popular, their ability to adapt to aquariums small volume and ease of play make it an ideal tenant. Every time we are more fans of aquarium shrimp enjoyed their beauty and reproduction.

As in all the selection work should be taking the most beautiful and we like more, we must always manter good prawn breeding colony to take no scares, it is very common to select the most yellow and finally finish with 27 females and one male are not covered when preovadas.

The distinction of the sexes is simple, set in the photo above and the photo below, the color intensity is obvious, in the first picture we see a female, with a little sun shine lovely yellow color, the photo below is a nice male that seems clear, but it is not.

Females usually get a yellow stripe down his back very nice, pity we do not have any photos yet to upload it, if you want to share your photos we take the opportunity to leave you our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All colors of the prawns Neocaridina heteropoda will be as common as the cherry in a very short time, each time in a more intensive breeding and no longer have to bring them from the Far East to enjoy them.

You have many articles to Neocaridina in naturebrain shrimp so you do not get bored with food issues and others simply we leave for anyone who wants some internal links that you continue reading and falling in love with these beautiful miniature jewelry freshwater aquarium.

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