Got a pest in your aquarium?

Always, in most cases this type of unwanted living in our aquariums and shrimp tanks come with plants. That was my case, I stayed a little surprised but I ignored them.

3 months after, i think they liked living at my tanks and reproduced successfully, to the point that although not normally seen what I knew were there. In principle not attack or fish or shrimp, but I decided to decrease its population to the fullest and to not have to reset aquariums I made this little trap.

We need merely a small jar of pills for example. I have used this opaque because both planaria and leeches are nocturnal, move into the shade and knew that they would be more comfortable in a state without much light.

We practice holes, as we look and put a plastic tube to fit well and going wrong, I have used air compressor tube cut to pieces.


Finally we put into the bait, I have put a piece of hamburger and some ceramic beads so that the boat does not float in the following photos and you could see the result

Have only been a few hours, but the result was positive, now we will introduce shortly a new article with most natural method still if possible, hope it works.

By the way, the idea of snail murderer is not very good... have not seen him eat or planorbis ... these must be pacifists.










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