The best eating porridge invertebrates

If you want to properly feed your shrimp, crabs and snails the best solution is to prepare a homemade porridge, because it will eat you do not see, as planorbis fijaros the pile, it seems like this feed into mush.

And in this there are only 4 prawns aquarium where there but not the one you imagine lia.

Well, let's what you are interested, prepare homemade food for shrimp, and think that they eat just as well caridinas, neocaridinas and Cambarellus.




green peas





red pepper


Gelatin neutral


He gets everything except gelatin plate in a blender ... uuuuuuuu until puree is made.

We gelatin plate in hot water in the microwave, when you mix it with melted mush before.

Now put everything into pieces in a tray, which will be lots and we put it in the fridge, when curd can be frozen and then go serve your shrimp.

You can also make a plate and then go breaking it, but it's easier if you haceis congelais lots and not touching because it stick.

Well, to encourage worthwhile, because the good will nourish and also spare yourselves a lot of money.

Still, always good to supplement with various foods, home and commercial.