The Grey Parrot or Iacchus is one of Talking Parrots

Man has always been interested by the world of birds and has watched with fascination. Having a parrot to talk was of reconomocimiento in many civilizations like China, Greeks and Romans, Maya, Aztec, India ...

Approximately around the year 1500 brought to Europe the first wild gray parrots, however until the late XXVIII was not started to breed in captivity. To date Grey parrot breeding is widespread and thanks to it we get copies very docile, sociable and talkative.


There are many other species of birds especially parrots much, but certainly the gray parrot or Iacchus is also known as one of the most popular. He has an uncanny ability to mimic the human voice and often will not know really distinguish between the original and the copy.

In nature the gray parrot is an arboreal species and gregarious, is most of the day in the trees along with other congeners of his species, feeding on mango, walnuts, dates, bananas ... but also tends to drop to the ground to feed grains motivated by different seeds grown as coffee, wheat, panic grass ..

Before purchasing a gray parrot, we meditate correctly, we are talking about an animal longevity. Life expectancy was gray parrot about 50-60 years, and will require a commitment to us long term.

Where can we buy a Grey parrot? We always recommend dealer or specialized breeders in this species and always someone who can assist with our parrot, so never buy some over the internet fast, because we are talking about amounts that motivate economic scammers trying to deceive us.

What aspects should be taken into account in the choice of our gray parrot?

. - Behavior lively, but not stressed in our presence

. - Eyes clean and shiny (and recognition by a veterinarian recommended 100%)

. - Pico clean and superior wax inchada not.

. - Feet clean, healthy nails without faults fingers or wounds

. - Plumage sleek, compact and complete

. - Must have balance on the perch, with harmonics and normal movements.

. - The parrot with curiosity about the person will be a good learner

. - The parrot stand on the finger will certainly a parrot sociable.

It is important to know the sex of our parrot, if our seller has not done either because the bird is very young it is better to do a DNA sexing


Siting in our home, we must ensure that our parrot has a quiet place to rest and eat properly. With adequate light and temperature between 15 º C and 30 º C, evitande excessive humidity, drafts, etc. .. that could cause problems long term health for environmental reasons.

Like other pets, we must be accountable for their actions, just as a dog can bite a table as a parrot can jump from his perch and chop any furniture.

The parrot cage, should be a place you must go out every day to do some exercises and socializing, usually used cages of 120 x 80 x 100, of stainless steel bar that the parrot used to climb, along with a special hanger so you can chop.

Grey Parrot Feeding

We will make available a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids ... the parrot should eat anything without excesses, we must not only give you peanuts, or pipes ... is important based diet supplemented feed parrots and fruit seeds. But the most important is to get some exercise, people like us.

Needless to say we need a facility neat to avoid contracting any disease, as well as regular visits to the vet to make routine checks and check the health of our pet.

Parrot Taxonomic Classification

Kingdom: Metazoa
Unranked Eumetazoa
Rama: Bilateria
Grade: Coelomata
Series: Deuterostomia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Gnathostomata
Superclass: Tetrapoda
Class: Aves
Superorden: Neognathae
Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittacidae
Genre: Psittacus
Species: erithacus


 Thank Javier Penedo, large bird breeder Glad we loaned some of his photos for this article, your site is www.ornitoloxia.com