Gecko leopard

The leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) is native to the Middle East, from Iran to Pakistan. It is a very common species as a pet for its ease reproductive and easy maintenance in a terrarium in captivity.

  What eats the gecko?

The gecko feeds on all kinds of live insects, so we provide everything that we can, like crickets, mealworms, buffalo, zoofobas ...

What terrarium conditions needed?

The temperature should be about 30 º C, never less than 21 º C at night, and humidity of 55%

Since it is a nocturnal animal, you do not need UV light, only one regular light bulb with average photoperiod.

What terrarium needs?

We will provide a minimum of 40 liters, but it is always recommended a little more, in a terrarium of about 80 liters the gecko will be at ease to do their spawn and reproduce without problems.

How to manipulate the gecko?

We must never take it by the tail, since it will come off, is one of the most beautiful parts of our geckos, so you ought to be careful gradually accustomed to animal handling.

How to play the gecko?

We will place several females per male, after a winter period imitaremo life cycle procreación.El promoting winter period will consist of a couple of months with a temperature of 18 º C, where our geckos always have water available.

The females deposited eggs in a moist substrate that we move to an incubator at about 25-26 ° C minimum for about 6 to 10 weeks

The sex of geckos future is determined by the incubation temperature near 32 ° C will be all males and lowest minimum temperature of 25 26 ° C will result in females. And a temperature of about 28 to 30 º C we will result in both males and females.

greetings and good luck with them!