Sea fishing

 For fish lovers, we always recommend fishing at sea, these fish are much cleaner than freshwater fish, usually edible fanogosos and although all almost none is used for culinary purposes. However what serves the sea, at least for a good broth served.

Siemp we have fishing license, we can do online and the price is really low, about 30 euros, given that any penalty will always be well above these values, it will not penseis twice and go to fish well comfortable with your documentation and your worms.

The fishing site:

For sea fishing we have 2 options, rock or beach ... well we can also go to the port and then would fish with cork ... it's best to carry around, so the most essential prepad, now let's try to make a list:

. - Live bait or dead ... Here anything goes, with a bite, beach worms, beta, northern shrimp, squid, sardines ....

. Anzules tiny

.. Cametas for hooks (best compradlas already made ...)

. - Leads to bottom and cork

. - Cork

. - Alambrillo hooks

. - Fishing Line

. - Needle to prick the sardines and / or worms

. - A good sandwich

. - Drink to relax

. - Sure in the store to buy you find something cool .. Go not less than 50 euros.

Well, now we go fishing to shuttle ... pondreos a sinker of 70 g. least and a chevron alambrillo to see if we are lucky and we catch a yellowtail or dorado. Strong throw right!!! The most fun is when you take it out, most times have castled and touches cut the thread and reassemble all ... at the end of the rod spends more time outside than inside the water.

TIP: If you put it into an usais tapper sardines with salt and metedla in the freezer to get hard and the salt smell stronger, so does not break and the fish bite more ... (That's what they say)

While reeds tengais hand count it always thrown a rod or cameta tiny to small rockfish fishing with worm, Gather many mabras and that makes a good broth.

Many times we are all day to shuttle and pulling fishing sardine heads and remains of other things beside where we are and there are fish ... so do not forget it, that I the dejais.

Know that the most important fishing is that you pegais lunch, then take a bus if something good, but that's because it is fishing ...

Now a joke to entertain:

This one guy fishing and other approaches to look and this the guy watching an hour, two, three ... and did not fish anything and the other all the time there watching six hours straight and at the end which was fishing says:

- What? you like fishing?

And he says:

- You will!, I have no patience for this