How do you call this?

The human being has major flaws, hopefully within millions of years cockroaches, who will be our successor as inhabitant of this world better than we do. While watching Men in Black .... seem no better than us.

We all know the "Alley Cat" in all areas, neighborhoods, towns, there is a corner for cats. A corner as the photo, human food scraps, pellets for cats and occasionally gourmet cat boats some soul cartitativa donation.

And it is true that there are people who spent part of his monthly salary stray animals, something known com prohibited. In cities like Barcelona is forbidden, punishable and persecuted by the authorities.

Well, it's bad for the image of the city stray cats and cut corners with a water bottle, friskies and oil stains on the floor. But we could not be talking as a species? The stray cat, because this is not domestic cat, but you see and get it ... Since these cats have always been there.

It is my opinion, lol, just kidding, but there is an urban legend that the feral cat population is inversely proportional to the number of Chinese restaurants in the area, lol

Sometimes the city is a rat of considerable size, nearly half are on second thought this photo skinny cat. Do you think this will help control other pests?

Well, the truth is that we did not adpotar a stand for lack of information, but the stray cats do not bother anyone, is an animal that does not suit your needs on the sidewalk, not left in the middle when you are spending. .. The truth is that not bother anyone.

On the other hand, "no" controls these cats, their health, nutrition and reproduction ...

When I say I say no quotation marks because "always", also quoted think there are people who put sterilizing stray cats, provides water and food and ...

Look, here you have a link to an association that cares for them in their environment:


Never leave a pet ought, is the most irresponsible to do.