Colours of Red Cherry Shrimp

Each time "little" things become more popular, it is very difficult to have a 300 liters tank at home, but a nice and small 30 liter tank to keep shrimp will be acceptable and we can enjoy a piece of nature in our homes.

Red cherry shrimp is the world's most famous prawn in aquatics, after shrimps we eat on Christmas...

Here is a full list of the color varieties that can be found for this shrimp, Neocaridina heteropoda.

. - Wild

. - Cherry Red

. - Red Sakura

. - Red Fire Sakura

. - Yellow

. - Fire neon

. - Orange Sakura

. - Rilli

. - Blue Rilli

. - Orange Rilli

. - Blue Jelly

. - Deep Blue

. - Green Czech Republic

. - Chocolate

. - Black Sakura



. - Wild: Wild or normal color, it is transparent and spotted with light traces of red. Typically this is the colour we will not keep when we are selecting a color variation.



. - Red Cherry: This is the most known variety and easier to find, wonderful and are very nice, it will breed very easily, always will be reddish females than males.



. - Red Sakura: This is variety selection of red cherry with a crimson red color very intense, spectacular.



. - Sakura Red Fire: It is a sakura with a selection of red without failure, full red.



. - Yellow: Variety very nice and especially striking in aquariums with black color background



. - Fire neon: A new selection of yellow variant, with a rich tone and nice as they come, The neon strip are very striking in the back of a fluorescent yellow.



. - Orange Sakura: This color is very beautiful, a bright orange hue. Not heteropoda really, but Paracaridina sp. Orange, anyway also cool.



. - Rilli: Commonly viewed in pet shops, are gradually making combinations with other colors and really giving a very attractive and interesting game.



. - Blue Rilli: first combination, with the blue, seems easy isn't it?



. - Orange Rilli: a nice combination totally new to me, until today



. - Blue Jelly: A new color, also very fashionable and nice, are you going to be able to choose among so many colors?



. - Deep blue: blue color, highlighting in silica sands and good lighting, but the shrimp prefer few light



. - Green Czech Republic: Something complicated by its proximity to the wild and little selection, first ones we get are green, but when you breed you get reds, blues, yellows ... a color joke.



. - Chocolate: Another color more to our collection



. - Chocolate Sakura: Almost the moment we are running, it seems that there are a few colors of this freshwater invertebrate.


. - Black Sakura: Finally, all colors in one, black.



Well, I hope you enjoy these photos and just to finish would say to each her own.

If you know of any other color or wanna make any comment, we thank all mail contact.

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