The swan

This animal belongs to the family of ducks.

Lives in places where there is water, whether in rivers, reservoirs, lakes, swamps. Their diet is based primarily on aquatic plants, roots and stems of plants.

What most certainly highlights swan is its long neck (we can call it giraffe birds), with the largest neck of all the birds of the world, is also the largest waterfowl, its height can be up to 1.60 m. Can weigh 20 kg, and holds the record will be the heaviest waterfowl ever. Cos its wings may reach 2.5 m in diameter.

His temperament is not strong but often provoke fights in males because one invades the other's space, but usually they are very quiet animals, if they are not usually attack ever causes, is a creature of the most curious.

One of the most elegant species of the animal kingdom, and certainly the most faithful as they only have one partner for life, almost like hens .... Besides being very protective of their young. At 2 years are sexually mature, females lay 7 to 10 eggs per clutch.

When swim neck and beak bent down giving them a touch of elegance that other birds do not have.

When they take flight can reach speeds up to 75 Km / h, their life expectancy can be 30 years. It is a migratory bird but can reach hundreds of kilometers around when you are short of food

They form their nests at the edge of wetlands on reeds, grasses or twigs, a curious, always live in the same nest, may be thousands of swans in a zone and each pair goes to sleep at the same nest (which do the bees).