Techniques used for the breeding of mussels

The seed

That seed if this is not a plant, seed meaning in this context means that tiny mussels collected usually attached to rocks, often take advantage of low tide temporary help of a scraper and tights to go fry stocking mussel

Setting the seed on the ropes

Within 24 hours of the harvest of the seed is placed in the string which will then be submerged in sea water, this is accomplished by a machine and a kind of network that makes the offspring are subjected to the rope this network is usually biodegradable and disappears within a few weeks, fulfilling his mission is that mussels from sticking to the rope, growers 3-4 hanging from ropes suspended by m2, always in the months of November to March


This consists of the mussels filter when it's been about 5 months growers sea draw cords and scratching the strings on a table for relinquishing mussels, arising then return to the second step in order to obtain more ropes and mussels can stay looser and eat better and have a uniform growth


Since the beginning with seed collection has been 6 months now we let the mussels reach their ideal size for sale, between 8-10 cm. This process often extended to 12 - 14 Months


They tend crops on the months of October to March. Each meter of rope production has averaged around 10 Kg

When it comes to collecting re-leverage the small size mussels as future seed and returns to the first phase