The snail or snail farming is spreading a lot in this country, if you feel entrepreneur here's an idea to start.

You have a lot of time and little money, unfortunately in Spain there are over 5,000,000 people in these conditions.

This is just an idea like many others who have to maintain this website, but is a potential market upside.

It only takes an investment of about 500-1000 €  on installations.

The first is to create our installation facility and I say that something, with a mesh snails can not escape is enough, we will create an area of about 2 meters high, mostly so that then we do not have back pain when we enter enclosure.

The Let's go, do not need a wall of Berlin with some wood well anchored to the ground is enough, that if we need a piece of garden where you can have our little beast, lol. Important that our 'system' is quite well closed will not escape the snails.

First we need to buy baby snail ideally the brand Helix aspersa, snail going lifetime, if we do not have budget and we can go and pick one of those days that did not rain much as small with plastic bag.

Once we have the following in snails leave to their own devices in our facility, we should only worry about blaming food, leftover green herbs ... not what you were thinking ...

In hot weather it is best to add cards in our system they are not stupid and you are responsible for looking good shade under cartons.

A snail can lay between 50 and 100 eggs the only, that for two set a year, starting with 100 adult snails between 6 and 12 months of life to spend half a year makes between 5,000 and 10,000 new specimens for our sale, good no ....

Now after only going to be selling them, unfortunately the Italians and North African regions are ahead of us but we have next to the French who feel a predilection for Spanish snail, a good place to export ...

And how much they pay the pound of snails in the Spanish market?

For 5 to 7 € per kg If we consider that in 1 kg of snails and cast into 150 account can get in the first year of investment ones around 500,000 - 1.000.0000 snails that come in Kg be 6000 Kg to 5 € / Kg 30.0000 €..... Take off 50% in costs and given a wage of € 1,000 a month with  2 pay extra ...

One reason to think ....

And to show a spanish video of a professional in this world: 


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