Sometime in our lives we have touched with a bee, many people are afraid if they bite you, but it's actually the opposite, bees offer us many good things.

There are three types of bees:
The queen bee, there is only one per hive, if there is more than one kill each other leaving only the strongest, their mission is to rear larvae later become bees, can last several years.
Drones, these are the males fertilize the bees may have dozens in a hive, the queen bee leaves the hive and all drones back behind her to try to impregnate his life does not usually exceed 30 days
Workers: bee is more we can carry up to 100,000 Abajas per hive, sexually undeveloped, not live more than 40 days.

Honey is produced by bees

As difference between worker and queen? The queen is fed royal jelly is as larva, while the workers are fed pollen

It is said that if there were no bees no life on earth as no polinizarían plants, fruits and would not end up wiping the planet

There are hundreds of species of bees, Colombia, North Africa, Asia ....

They may live in swarms (when natures, in cracks, holes) and houses as we (hives there are even different heights)

The hikes are the heights that we can add to a hive, when busy bee, we add one more floor.

Normally them away bees by the smoke, using a smoker, a kind of bellows which draws air and release smoke, usually ignite dry grass field and puts a wet cloth to release oil thick smoke.

In Spain there is a bird that feeds primarily on bees called 'bee-eater' that hunt flying by cutting the head and leaving the abdomen down.

Get bee honey, pollen and royal jelly, wax and propolis

There are many types of honey depending on where they are hives, honey, sunflower (abundant in the Honrrubia (Cuenca) and Ciudad Real), heather honey (area south of Burgos and Bilbao), orange blossom honey (area Valencia and vicinity), even I have come to hear about honey pine or cherry.

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Remember, if you see a bee, let it go, sure you will not do anything.