Corydoras paleatus


Commonly known as Corydora pepper is one of the most famous, its adaptation to cool water make it an excellent choice for summer ponds ... Now that the good weather comes, do not hesitate to put some corydoras in your pond, it will play great and if the weather is not extreme abide the winter without any problem, in fact we have them in the list of other cold water fish:

Other cold-water fish

• Order: Siluriformes
• Family: Callichthyidae
• Subfamily: Corydoradinae

 Appropriate low flowing rivers and coastal Uruguay and southern Brazil.

The maintenance will be easy as we said, we keep them in water with a wide range of parameters.

PH between 6.5 and 8

Water soft or semi-hard, but I can say that I have kept in the alkaline waters and have been spectacular.

The temperature is not a problem, 5 º C - 38 º C (with good oxygenation ...)

They are sensitive to ammonia and nitrites, so a filtration and water changes do not come evil, neither to them nor to any other aquarium inhabitants.

They are long-lived fish, fish can be talking about more than 5 years, we have time for trying to play. The first thing is to hit the sexes, although it is advisable to keep a school of about 10 copies, so that they are more comfortable and this promotes the spawn we so desire. Its size will reach about 5 cm in males and somewhat more, up to 7 cm in females, approximately, although much larger specimens ponds get in aquariums.

Sex differences was that females are larger and more curved and small males have a dorsal fin than females with respect to body size.

Their food is simple, eat everything, always go looking for the bottom, so we should avoid cutting substrates that could damage their beards, they love the grindal.

They are my calm and sociable, they will own and do not mess with anyone.

Once time for playback achieve motivate performing water changes that alter the temperature, lowering it to about 22 ° C, so that then rises slowly to 28 ° C, then we will see how females perform the set with the famous form of T, if we remove the adult to another aquarium can save a considerable amount of copies.

Hello everyone and good luck with this beautiful catfish.



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