Dugastella Valentina

If I ask: what name we put on this shrimp? I would not think, would call "Cocacola shrimp", hahaha, what a start to a technical article. I hope by now you've realized that it's not.

Many people have repeated a similar story ... when I was little ... cogia colored prawns, were sometimes red, sometimes were green, others blue, clear or green. To me the ones I like are the color Coca Cola, hence the common name that I would put them.

And taking those stories straight before ... now this shrimp is found in few places ... here you have a pdf file with some information, as I have understood, is no longer in our The albufera relegated to "ullals" and some ditches.


Before telling you anything, in Valencia are very proud of them, we have up a magazine with your name ... Valencia for not talking to you can be a little difficult to read:


It seems a very active shrimp, are fairly quiet, they like to live in the vegetation in shallow waters and quite chilly.

Need for very hard water, not brackish. Its reproduction occurs during the months of May to July, when females ovate and good food algae developed by heat females will acquire a more intense color, if it can be even more beautiful than ever.

Like other similarly sized invertebrates, omnivorous diet will be fed almost anything, are nothing delicate, his only problem is how long the destruction, pollution and human use of their natural habitat ...

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