The first blue shrimps


Neocaridina heteropoda - palmata Zhangjiajiensis var. Blue Pearl

Size: Males 2.5 cm, females up to 3.5 cm.

Temperature: 15-30 ° C

Parameters: pH :6,5-7, 5 Gh 4-16. 0-8 Kh.

Aquarium: 10 liters

Food: They will accept all types of food. Neocaridina shrimp Feeding

Difficulty: Easy.

Behavior: Very peaceful.

 We begin this short article quoting from the article: Water parameters for shrimp

Everyone says that these shrimp are very easy, but we will resist us. The prawns were the first blue pearl shrimp almost neocaridinas aparecerieron blue. This picture is as is, without photoshop, as you can see are blue, but we do see the blue with a good light. Certainly there are some other more intense and less intense, but if the aquarium does not have considerable light transparent ... see our prawns because blue is very subtle, not like now, we have varieties like blue or blue jelly hong kong, which are blue in color effortlessly noticeable.

I said before photoshop because many internet photos were retouched photo sells well and then it's hot you have to operate with a good marketing department.

They are a traditional shrimp, I hope the blue jelly, for its high blue pigmentation keep them from stealing your home aquarium hobbyists prawns.

During the months of April to June can be kept outside, where if you develop a color spectacular and we can play them in quantity, temperature ideal playback is around 24-25 ° C, from 22 ° C is played, from here to do not spend above process catalyst, reducing the development time of offspring, and if we eat well also grow much faster.

Their life expectancy is about 2 years or so after the first 6 months and we see them ovate.

As all shrimp are extremely sensitive to metals and nitrites in the aquarium, we make periodic changes to control these parameters. Just as it is important not vary abruptly parameters, if we have a planted tank with CO2, we must be very careful with sudden drops in pH.