Oryzias woworae


Oryzias woworae, described in 2010, is a recent species, very peaceful and beautiful and the most special is its adaptation to nano shrimp tanks.

Comes from Indonesia, Sulawesi.

Size 2.5 - 3 mm

PH: 6-7'5

Temperature: 23-27 ° C

Very strong sexual dimorphism, males and females are blue oranges seen in the photos perfectly.


Playback is very simple, as in the whole genus Oryzias, the lead female eggs as you see in the photo that deposited by plants, incubation usually lasts about 12 days, and the fry food directly accepted as naupilos shrimp. Eggs can catch them by hand and put them in another container separated parents to get more copies out ahead, but with adequate shelters and floating plants get many fingerlings reach adult fish. Each set will consist of 10 to 20 eggs.

They should not be kept with other species Oryzias because hybridize.

Then we leave a very interesting video. Mentioned before, we can put these fish in shrimp tanks, here is the real example of O. woworae with shrimps CRS, almost the prawns are bigger than them, the truth is that many people are reluctant to put in aquarium fish and shrimp if there is interest in playing the prawns, but these videos seeing things change, immediately jumps the bug and everyone wants a nano cube with prawns and Oryzias ...



In the following link you have extensive information about the species, is a website with information very interesting aquarium as it name implies, "serious".


Animeis hope you enjoy this fantastic kind, very nice and super easy to reproduce.

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