Hypoallergenic cats



If the Egyptian pharaohs raise their head ... I never imagined this marvel opened hypoallergenic cat .... The cat Spynx.

The truth is that Sphynx cats have an angry face that is too ... then surely are a piece of bread that just want to be petted all day.

Actually there are three breeds of hairless cats, Sphinx or Sphynx cat, the cat elf who has ears like elves and the Peterbald from Russia.

Although they are called hairless cats, this is not an entirely true statement, have a thin layer of very fine hair very short and almost imperceptible to the human eye would need a microscope to see it, let alone touch. When the play is like touching a person but with fever.

Such cats are cats and exclusive luxury, only the upper echelons of cats cats relate to them. Cat associations keep track of all crossings and copies, creating a family tree of all the cats that are in these races.

As good cat will breed with other cats, if papa and mama cat is Sphynx Persian cat is hairy ... all little children are hairy butt, but will carry the gene Sphynx, then later if we crossed two cats who carry this gene but were Persians hair or long, long Sphynx could have children.

They are social and loving cats are always attentive to your family so cherish. Having no melo, we keep in warm indoors, since it is very sensitive to temperature changes.

Cats are highly adapted to family life as we said before and we will have no problem keeping them with other animals, even with his worst enemy's dog, which for them is an urban legend, but there are always all kinds of characters, this is not a rule without exception.

Then I leave a link to the Sphynx cat, where you can see a lot of cool photos and contact to get your cat breeders hairless.