How to breed ancistrus


The Ancistrus has become one of the essentials of any aquarium. Many years ago I was a fish expert and we did not know we settle for the plecostomus, but as of today, everyone bets on Ancistrus and has become very affordable fish in every way for fans aquatics.

We all like aquariums pristine, crystal "crystal" and that is the mission of our Ancistrus, aquarium glass cleaner, but we must remember to throw them to eat from time to time ... but not succeed in achieving their 14 cms.

Mainly feed on algae, but will also enchant other vegetables like cucumber, zucchini ... and pills to feed groundfish also spirulina.

Siluriformes - Loricariidae (loricariids) -


PH: 5.8 to 7.4 GH: 4 ° to 12 ° Soft to medium hard. Many oxygenation

22-30 ° C

Males have a horn development of the face much larger than females, are also much larger in size than females.

We think 60 liter aquariums onwards to keep a small group of three females per male, although copies are not quite adults can keep children temporarily in aquariums.

Need many hiding in trunks and stones, where if we get lucky and we will see putting lots of mini Ancistrus for our aquarium.

It is a very peaceful species to its congeners although territorial males, so we provide hiding places and areas where each male can create their territory.

It is an ideal species for maintenance with prawns, then you leave a short article that talks about it.

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