What I feed my shrimp with?

The colors that we can see with prawns neocaridinas seems endless, and we can not say that these prawns do not like, because if we do not like red, we have to like the yellow, the green, the blue, white .. . no excuse.

Neocaridinas prawns are very easy to maintain in our aquariums, with nanoacuario over 5 liters and we enjoy them and watch them shamelessly reproduce its micro space. Obviously if we give them a larger aquarium ... they will make a more long lasting.

Food is simple as a ... "Lettuce", look at your hands ... if what you see is organic, then you can pull a little to the aquarium because it will eat the shrimp.

Mainly we have the following and it is best to vary them, in this way we will be taking a balanced diet and our shrimp are healthier and able to play. And I assure you it's worth to get it and see a bunch of mini prawns for our aquarium.

. - Life Magazine, the worm will be accepted by our grindal prawns a delicacy to them as if they get a Jabugo picnic ... Here I leave a small article on how to keep it, live food is the ultimate for me.:

Grindal worms for our fish (and shrimp ...)

. - Vegetables, shrimp will eat our vegetables with pleasure, if we also take our shrimp snails Planorbis type, you will see how they get the boots, which I usually use is cucumber, zucchini, Charlotte, spinach ... always well washed.

. - Papilla home, not long before we publish an article on how to prepare our porridge prawns, this is a good option, because you can put all the nutrients and freeze it, so then distributed by our aquariums is very fast, the prawns are heaped above the porridge, so must like them ...

. - Frozen food, as the saying goes "flying bird, to the fire" because for the shrimp would be something like "what falls to the aquarium ... I eat it", if we use pills frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms ... you will see how they eat it, but it is better not to abuse this type of food for shrimps.

. - Spirulina, spirulina tablets love ...

. - Food prepared for shrimp, of course could not miss the trademarks of prawn feed, as they go very well and is also very clean if you will not mess anything.

. - Food Flakes, sticks ... fish, it will eat it too, remember that shrimp are scavengers, so eat everything.

. - Experiment slope: I extruded cat, I have to try ... is likely to be great.

As you can see you have many options to feed our prawns are nothing delicate ...