The albufera in Valencia


The lagoon is a bay formed about 10 km from the capital of the Valencian community, live there different kinds of wildlife that live only in this ecosystem, as well as being a transit area for many migratory birds, it we can even get to see flamingos and also animal species like the 'samaruc' who are in danger of extinction.

It is a freshwater zone that separates the coastal zone by Devesa del Saler (an area of dunes)

In it we see a flora and fauna:


Dune grass, essential in any area of coastal dunes on the coast of Valencia

Sea Bell


Boil salted

Aleppo pine in the area of La Devesa del Saler we will be able to find plenty of pine forest is like a scented sea salt



Anguilla, which would be the famous all i pebre no eels

Lubine, of all know this famous fish.

Tenca, locals use it to make a sort of stew with potatoes, fish is a very thorn

Samaruc or Samarugo, is an endangered specimen even has a protective association 'Salvem el samaruc'

Heron, but in these increasingly have less.

Teals, one of the most desirable birds in this area, as we have said before, can fetch thousands of euros for a good place to hunt ducks

Mergansers, a species of chicken that is very similar to a duck.

Stork, storks can be seen in the lagoon, we should not go to the top of a bell so that they can appreciate

Gaviota, the truth is that in coastal areas usually always have seagulls

In the lagoon since been made hunting (even arrive to pay thousands of euros for a good place to hunt ducks), fishing or rice variety in the main pump and round.

We can take a boat trip usually perch (builds like the Venetian style of using a stick to give impetus to the boat due to the shallowness of the water, about a meter deep)

If you prefer we can go to the palmar area and take a good seafood bogabante rice, Señoret rice, or crayfish paella, one thing we have the Valencian 's is that dominate much rice dishes.

It is also a great area to take the bike and spend a good Sunday morning enjoying their wealth and beauty

And all this just 10 Km from the city of Valencia.

Here you have some videos of this wealth in Valencia: