True survivors!


Austrolebias South American, an entire genre. They are fish with some very beautiful and contrasting colors, pattern identification and many comes to mind is that of Austrolebias nigripinnis, I think it must be the most famous species in the annual killifish hobbyists.

The Austrolebias are in South America, tolerate each temperature ranges depending on the species of -5 º C and 35 º C. The view can swim nigripinnis with the surface ice.

Their life expectancy is not very long, because of their annual life cycle. The process undergo diapause-egg-hatching-egg growth-reproduction-and back again.

Normally we get copies of some peat Austrolebias or exchange eggs for fans, but not on a regular basis but we can also find copies in stores. In fact it is quite common to find copies for sale with albinism type mutations.

Species in this genus are the following, you see a few.



    Austrolebias adloffi (Ahl, 1922)
    Austrolebias affinis (Amato, 1986)
    Austrolebias alexandri (Castello y López, 1974)
    Austrolebias apaii (Costa, Laurino, Recuero y Salvia, 2006)
    Austrolebias arachan (Loureiro, Azpelicueta y García, 2004)
    Austrolebias bellottii (Steindachner, 1881)
    Austrolebias carvalhoi (Myers, 1947)
    Austrolebias charrua (Costa y Cheffe, 2001)
    Austrolebias cinereus (Amato, 1986)
    Austrolebias cyaneus (Amato, 1987)
    Austrolebias gymnoventris (Amato, 1986)
    Austrolebias ibicuiensis (Costa, 1999)
    Austrolebias jaegari (Costa y Cheffe, 2002)
    Austrolebias juanlangi (Costa, Cheffe, Salvia y Litz, 2006)
    Austrolebias litzi (Costa, 2006)
    Austrolebias luteoflammulatus (Vaz-Ferreira, Sierra de Soriano y Scaglia de Paulete, 1964)
    Austrolebias luzardoi (Perujo, Calviño, Salvia y Prieto, 2005)
    Austrolebias melanoorus (Amato, 1986)
    Austrolebias minuano (Costa y Cheffe, 2001)
    Austrolebias nachtigalli (Costa y Cheffe, 2006)
    Austrolebias nigripinnis (Regan, 1912)
    Austrolebias nigrofasciatus (Costa y Cheffe, 2001)
    Austrolebias nioni (Berkenkamp, Reichert y Prieto, 1997)
    Austrolebias nonoiuliensis (Taberner, Fernández-Santos y Castelli, 1974)
    Austrolebias paranaensis (Costa, 2006)
    Austrolebias patriciae (Huber, 1995)
    Austrolebias periodicus (Costa, 1999)
    Austrolebias robustus (Günther, 1883)
    Austrolebias salviai (Costa, Litz y Laurino, 2006)
    Austrolebias schreitmuelleri
    Austrolebias toba (Calviño, 2006)
    Austrolebias univentripinnis (Costa y Cheffe, 2005)
    Austrolebias vandenbergi (Huber, 1995)
    Austrolebias varzeae (Costa, Reis y Behr, 2004)
    Austrolebias vazferreirai (Berkenkamp, Etzel, Reichert y Salvia, 1994)
    Austrolebias viarius (Vaz-Ferreira, Sierra de Soriano y Scaglia de Paulete, 1964)2 3 4 5 6

The curious thing about this species is that the peat dried eggs travel around the world in an envelope from amateur amateur love getting many aquarists, aquarium combiando starting to play two species. While this kind incubating eggs in diapause are trying to play another and end ... meet with a room full of shelves, urns, pots with bugs ... but that's another story ...

Greetings to all and I hope someday you feel encouraged to try this kind.