Can I put together red and blue shrimp in the same tank?

Every time we can enjoy more and more prawns of different colors, blue, red, yellow, green ... of this species, on the other, crystal red, black bee ... we strip there, just look at the collection we did here in the Neocaridina heteropoda and since then no new colors ... besides every shade under a different name, such as blue hong kong ...

Color list for shrimp Neocaridina heteropoda

The most common question that we get aquarium enthusiasts when we offer red and green prawns is, Do I can have together? The truth is that if ... and also spend spend ... then nothing happens, if our goal is that the aquarium is nice. Well if it's nice color with prawns ... The more colors the better. Another key question, how to keep Cherry Crystal Red Shrimp? This question is very famous, because they are very nice shrimp both species.

But if our goal is to reproduce the shrimp and get new copies of the same color or improved copies to players we must consider the following for example, green prawns and red shrimps of the same species from the same family or hybridize and you usually will not have neither red nor green prawns, surely one of the colors will dominate the other, obtaining copies of one color and as normal is that dominance is directed towards color ancestral thereby pulling surely get transparent shrimp to green, for which successive generations occasional red will occasionally.

Speaking of color mutations that result in fact is one of the possible ways to get different colored shrimp, doing hybridizations.

On the other hand, if we put in the same aquarium shrimp ordinary families, the result will be not pure hybridizations with prawns, or some kind or another, sometimes fertile and infertile times ...

Best from a pragmatic point of view it would hold a shrimp aquarium not interbreed, either by color or species, so always keep pure.

Then we leave the compatibility table shrimp and hybridizations world's most famous and enjoy the small crustaceans.