Shrimps from spanish Rivers


This very fashionable everything about nano aquariums and freshwater invertebrates. We all know the cherry shrimp, and if you do not know them I pass the link to a modest article to know them a little more:

Cherry shrimp

In the Spanish geography, we have three species of these small shrimps, few invertebrates of the most curious and interesting. For a long time the dribbling of ditch or river shrimp seemed something more common, but increasingly, we are gradually eroding acorralandolos and their populations, either by contamination of habitats, drainage, irrigation ... a disaster we, hopefully this unpleasant part of the progress of the evolution of life.

The species in question are:

Dugastella valentina

Atyaephyra desmaresti

Palaemonetes zariquieyi

All three species breed in fresh water, but can live in brackish water.

Valencia is a great lucky, because it has the largest distribution throughout the region, our authorities should seriously its charge conservation.

Palaeomonetes, extends along the inland waters of the coastline of the Gulf of Valencia, from the Ebro Delta to the south of Alicante, also copies have been located in a lagoon system in the province of Cuenca.

Dugastella, something will be gained guess his name ... at the following link locations you have documentation of this small shrimp


Desmaresti, its distribution is extended by virtually the entire peninsula.

Soon we will expand information of each of the species, occasionally visit us!