Heliciculture, breeding snails in captivity...


Nature has unparalleled power, Who has not had snails child? I think most children have had snails, I remember when we put chicken wire on a pot to raise snails ... and the truth is that we made it, yet I can not explain.

To this day, adults is what we like to eat snails, with a good spicy sauce ... ummmm why this rich rich, and I take for pasaros a link to a page of excellent recipes: www.recetaycocina.com

Well, what we were, to each his own theme. Breed snails How to not have to go looking? For all that research forms part of the helical, "helix" spiral and "culture" of reproduction ...

Not all species are easy to play but we can try, until recently did not exist even companies that undertake captive breeding of the snail and inflate us today on TV with snail caviar, cream and who knows what they will want to sell soon ... elixir of youth snail ....

For breeding is very important to control parameters such as humidity ... I recommend you give this product around, you will very much information to those who want to delve into this topic:


Basically, all you need to know is that will need wire mesh cages and feed airy good tenants, both food as calcium, very important to them.

Look at this picture and think of a similar system, but the size that interests you it depends on how much you like snails


Well, I wish you good luck, finally we give another good link:


Greetings all.



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