How to build a homemade ant farm?

Do not know if this site will learn all about the ants, because that's saying, but I assure you that it will be much more formicidae genre known to us if we read carefully some of the advice we give at http://www.lamarabunta.org /

Well, the first thing to ask is why do we need an anthill? The answer may be very simple, the simple exploration of knowledge and learning behavior of ants. We can also make a small nest for our children and care for them enseños as a pet and learn from nature things unknown but very close. At least much less known than the typical dog or pet parakeet.

In this video for just 10 minutes will give us some basic ideas of how we can set up our own nest.


Getting ants can be a bit complicated later, we find from other fans to try to get them through any online store, fijaros at any online store podreis get everything you need to mount an anthill, with the rarest bugs, for example here http://www.anthouse.es/

However, I highly recommend recolecteis some queens in season for a few days a year we can see them on the street in droves, so learn more about the species and their behavior. We will see the swifts behind them like crazy to get the boots and feed their young. Life is a chain, as I said the lion king .... life cycle.

Ants are a gift naturleza from naturebrain formicidae propose the following code:

Do not buy ant, looking for who can give you some queens so you can have fun with them and Fret for here you could do the same gift. In this way we can all enjoy something as insignificant signifcantly.

Greetings to all




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