Real viviparous

Xenotoca eiseni



Mexico. Found in a variety of habitats from clear mountain streams.


Mexico. Found in a variety of habitats from clear mountain streams to polluted ditches.


Normal Maximum length:

Male 6 cm

Female 7 cm

Minimum tank size: 55 gallons.


In a densely planted aquarium with a dark substrate will allow these fish to show its colors for the best effect.

Water Parameters

Temperature: 15-30 ° C, can tolerate temperatures punctually 10 ° C, even less, but hopefully not who are very comfortable ...

Here, you have a little information contrasted:

Low Temperatures and Cyprinodonts.

pH: 6.0-8.0

Hardness: 10-20 dH


They are not demanding anything, accept most foods offered.

Behaviour and Compatibility

Are quite compatible with other species. This is a true viviparous, the young are born with umbilical cord is different as an ovoviviparous could be the Guppy.

When the young are born, they spend two days in the substrate, until they begin to swim, for this reason it is appropriate to provide them with shelter, boulders type separation between adults and juveniles.