Indian Gavial Crocodile

The gavial is a type of crocodile that lives in marshy areas of North India. What makes this crocodile the most characteristic of all is that it has a very long and narrow snout.

Habitat and morphology
They prefer deep water and can move faster than other crocodiles, but always in the water, do not like being on land, as they are very clumsy due to his body. Males can grow to be between 3 and 5 meters, females are smaller reaching measure 2.5 to 4 meters. Their weight ranges between 159 and 250 kg. They have very large eyes relative to the size of her head and seems to be misplaced, have the body covered with scales, its color ranges from dark gray to light gray, some have drawings in your body that makes them easier to camouflage.
It is said that. Unlike other crocodiles and alligators, the gavial does not spend much time with their young crocodiles, are very intelligent and have a great memory, making it easier to survive in the wild. They are not very abundant because their power base is fish, and because of the shortage are disappearing.
In his great snout have 100 very small teeth which because of the shape of your nose does not serve to capture prey like other congeners.

Their breeding season is from November to January, may be between 30 to 50 eggs at a time. At birth the mother stays at their side just a couple of days, so many are caught and killed by other predators.
They are crocodiles do not attack humans or large mammals due to its snout, although they can be eaten without problems the remains of a large animal that has died in the water.