How to breed budgerigars in 5 steps

The captive breeding budgies is one of the most beautiful experiences you can imagine. And thanks to the taming of the Australian parakeet, breeding has become a really simple process, we only meet a few basic rules and let nature take its course while watching attentively and enjoyed our wonderful birds.

As we said let's take the 5 basic steps to reproduce the common or parakeet Budgies.

1º.- Before you buy the couple and just after reading this entire article must be clear about the location of our breeding pair. A quiet place with no extreme weather environments, such as very hot or very cold. If we have to choose a cage breeding will always seek the most spacious as possible and not upright, but horizontal. The Budgies are hummingbirds, flying horizontally.

2º.- The choice of breeding partner; is super important that the breeding pair of mutual liking, ie that both the male and female love upside down because we can not predict who will sting but who are like ... there are very choosy females and males still most. But they will not breed like ... well, even one of them could kill the other. Do not worry because it is easy to see if you are in love, they give the peak are together, make noises and answered and you see nothing of domestic violence in this happy couple.

3º.- The nest and laying and incubation; we will not have any problems, for parakeets nest is the nest made more globally, I would say even more than canaries nests. No need to make a bed in the nest, which could be used bare, but some sawdust, without any other product or detergent, would be ideal. Think before you put in the nest sawdust, which is its source, not poison our budgies. Trás practically putting the female will not leave the nest and the male will feed him fondly, let them do for about 15 days.

4º.- feeding the offspring; during the first 2 days after hatching of the eggs a crucial moment occurs in the breeding of parakeets cage is extremely important not to disturb parents and supply pins panizo and if we could a preparation paste cria with cous cous that great and also eat the chicks batten very good and plentiful.

5º.- Weaning Parakeet Young and the separation of the couple; 1 long past month since birth these new young budgies start to itch and peel its first seeds. Although budgerigars are a sociable caracters is recommended, especially in a separate breeding cage parakeets young as soon as they start eating without problem alone, watching for a few days we will know if the parents do not feed them if they have started a new position and if they are independent when going to the feeder and feed properly.

Hope you can succeed in this rewarding experience.





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