Common flamingo

The common flamingo is listed as a wader, so have a height ranging from 120 to 150 cm. the wing span is roughly the same as its height. Most characteristic of these birds that differentiates them from other wading his fur is a pinkish colour, which darkens as they arrive to the wings rising to become a deep red, and feathers that are the first to the wings are black. Their legs are long as well as being completely pink and its beak is long and the tip down, it is pink and has a black tip.

This kind of flamingo usually inhabit southern India, southwest Asia, Cyprus, Southern Europe and Africa in aquatic areas. You can also find them in Spanish territory you can find them in the lagoons of Doñana, laguna salada de pétrola (Albacete), marismas del odiel, cabo de gata, fuentedepiedra, salinas de san Pedro del pinatar. In winter you can also find some examples on the salt flats of Ibiza, and there are other locations in Camarga.

When they do feed in shallow lakes, feeding on fish and water plants. Often concentrated flocks of a million or more copies, and if one note danger rears its head, neck rises and begins to shout to warn the rest.