The vaquita marina, smaller dolphin that exists

The Vaquita

The vaquita Phocoena sinus or one of the six extant species of porpoises today , in fact it is the smallest of all species.

This species of porpoise found only in the Gulf of California at the northern end . Typically found in turbid , shallow waters along the coast , it is rare that some specimens have been more than 30 km away look . the coast.

These animals are 1.5 meters and weigh about 50 kg . Something very characteristic of it is that gives the feeling of having the raised lips . Its color is dark gray on top and at the bottom are light gray almost white. His aleteas are somewhat larger than in other porpoises.

They are very shy , unlike dolphins not jump, but come to the surface a few seconds to catch her breath .

These porpoises are in great danger of extinction , especially for fishing with gill nets, as they are trapped inside , due to the fact that there are only 150 copies of this species have been measures than the next extinct porpoise , creating laws and designating reserves. But still this porpoise continues its decline toward extinction , this makes seeing a porpoise is almost completely impossible. Hopefully not follow the path of his brother the baiji gender .