The Irrawaddy dolphin, freshwater dolphins


The Irrawaddy dolphin or Orcaella brevirostris is a species of toothed whale belonging to the dolphin family . Commonly known as Irrawaddy river dolphin , but really is not a freshwater dolphin but still lives in the ocean near the coast and estuaries and rivers approaching . You can find them from New Guinea to the Bay of Bengal, the north coast of Australia and even the Philippines.

This species of dolphin has its melon that helps quite large compared to other location dolphins, their head is rounded and without peak . Are slightly colored throughout the body and the bottom have more white , their aleteas are long and wide .

Length that can reach these dolphins is when young 1mtero reaching 2.3 meters when they are adults . When whales are born usually weigh about 10 kg . , But when they reach their adult stage can exceed 130 kg . weight . These dolphins have a life expectancy that can reach about 30 years. These dolphins instead of some congeners are somewhat slow swimming , and when they come to the surface as they do rocking. The aspect of this dolphin is very similar to the beluga dolphin.

They live in small groups, looking for food in the funds and open water , octopus , shrimp and other crustaceans fish .

Currently this dolphin is endangered



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