To give you an idea of what a meerkat Timon will tell you a name famous mate Pumbaa in the movie The Lion King , for that is a meerkat you , now I will explain more about these funny and cute animals .

Meerkats belong to the mongoose family , they are small animals that inhabit the area of the Kalahari and Namib in Africa. They are diurnal animals and diggers , so normally they spend the night in the tunnels dug and when the sun comes up, go abroad to hunt and socialize , there may be colonies of up to 40 copies .

Meerkats size can be between 25 and 40 inches , and its tail which is quite long in comparison to its size can be between 17 and 25 inches long.

Meerkats are insectivorous , but can also feed on small invertebrates. His way of hunting is the same as searching shelter dedicated to digging under rocks , grass and soil .

One feature is that the meerkats have to warn that a predator is to put your body upright on two legs , thus also appears to be larger and can drive them away , it is also known that these animals can protect their young with their own bodies .

Meerkats are very friendly , sociable , curious and social animals , so it is not surprising that some of the areas inhabited by people that have to tame them as pets. Although there 's not no law against it or regularized in the world are protected animals and which can not be taken as pets, being punishable by law tenure of one.