Habitat ducks?

Although he did not believe this article is not about the habitat of ducks, but instead , I'll talk about where we 're supposed to be and what has happened to me .

Well this is a personal experience , but I guess I like you too happened , okay normal when we read articles or post on ducks normally tell you where they are and what they eat that kind of stuff , and most important where you can find them , I've always said that you read any pond , open water , ponds , lakes, rivers , etc. . , and that's where I 've always seen the ducks , but look where your always you get up having learned something from the day before and do not know who will teach this new day , because that happened to me when leaving my boyfriend and walking our dog quietly by his people, by the road leading to the swamp, where it could be you find a duck , it's a swamp. But not the other way to the swamp Canyon Village , which is now not natural, more than anything if not take much arm is a good skirt , so the sides covered with concrete, but more unusual is that Canyon amid a minicharquita where you can find frogs , that would make sense we find this lovely duck, surrounded by stones alone remains of branches and a little water . So tell me tell me what each animal can live where , where you have some food and be at ease, just like humans.



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