Goliath Tiger Fish

The tiger fish is the dreaded high in Africa , is a fish that inhabits the entire width and length of the Congo river. Fishermen fear and quite rightly, is a fish that can grow up to 1.80 meters in the case of males and females 70 inches , and can weigh 50 kg . or more , their teeth are very sharp and very large , in fact they are the same size as those of a shark. They are very ferocious fish, you will love the rough waters since they have excellent eyesight and have an ability to detect vibrations transmitted any prey . They are able to hunt crocodile hatchlings and juveniles . They think their way of hunting must be stalking their prey and then devour hit or loiter around before attacking fiercely as do piranhas . Its color is olive green and have a silvery belly . Most characteristic of this ferocious fish besides its size is its enormous mouth with 32 sharp teeth , which are almost on the edge of his jaw as the Goliath tiger fish just have lips.

It is as dangerous fish that if a tourist wants to make a fishing trip must read and sign a treaty , so if you find any .

So if you go to Africa and you want to go to the Congo river and not bring forth the arms of the boat.



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