The Raven is a bird of the family Corvidae , can weigh 1,150 kg and attain a wingspan of 1.2 m to 1.3 m . , Plus you get to live about 14 years.

The crow is a bird more distributed around the planet , it can be found in wooded areas, but always prefer and clear boundaries . The plumage of the raven is very characteristic to be completely black but has blue and green highlights , her beak is very strong and slightly arched , his way to fly is sometimes confused with raptors , plan high. In autumn large flocks form with their partners and younger .

It has a loud sound while harsh , and a large repertoire of sounds and sounds that copies its environment.

The crow feeds on all kinds of things, from corn, fruits , vegetables , nuts , small mammals, other birds as well, with his incredible peak animals can top that are dying, even our pets before they could be at risk if found in the mountain outdoors.

Crows are sedentary animals and choose areas where they have the ability to get food and have safe places to nest . Their biggest predators or enemies are other crows , eagles, owls, coyotes.

Animals are monogamous and very loyal to their partner, they usually put between 3 and 7 eggs after 21 days of incubation.



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