Planorbis corneus

The Devil Snail

Family of Planorbidae, distributed in Asia and Europe. Snails are up about two centimeters diameter, can hold almost any type of water, with parameters of temperature between 10 º C and 30 º C. They are hermaphrodites and can stand long periods of drought out of the water.

Normally comes accidentally to our aquariums by plants, do not know how lucky we are ... Planorbis snails are omnivores and remove debris and animal detritus vegetables facilitating our aquariums infusoria cultivate for our fry and shrimp. They are one of the favourite species of snails by fish farmers, especially fans of cyprinodont or killies, since they are very respectful of our precious fish eggs, making sure they would not normally do anything, which any another snail's eat immediately.

His breeding is the most simple, the stakes are usually continuous depositing eggs in the aquarium glass, and where will the small snails that will grow in our tanks.

When these little ones become a pest can always introduce a green leaf of spinach or a piece of cucumber and make a bunch and piled them while feeding on the food. Another option would be the introduction of type Botia clown fish, which feed on the smallest or some Anentome helena snail that will keep them at bay.

Another very interesting, fun and appeal of this kind of snails is the amount of colour mutations that we can find, such as black, brown, red, pink, blue ... Here we present some pictures of these mutations so that enjoy.

Remember that it is very important to the ecological balance of our aquariums the presence of snails to eliminate the most inaccessible corners for us or our filter all detritus, also buried in the substrate to keep it aerated favouring the colonization of our nitrifying bacteria.

As I said, enjoy some pictures of snails of colons and if you like this article, share it with your friends and acquaintances in facebook, twitter, email, forums ... thank you very much.