Anentome helena, snail murderer

Pests of snails in our aquariums are one of the most common denominators in aquatics. yes, snails are very nice, but in the end we got tired of them because they eat plants, eat fish food ... and at the end the aquarium hobbyist is to fish and not for snails. The most common species of snails that normally come with a new plant are melanoid, phisas or Planorbis, these last we can see in the picture below.

These little ones, very friendly plants, good food waste disposers, infusoria generators ... are the preferred food of our "snail murderer", the snail Helena Anentome these snails will eat the small snails and will go after another one when it is hungry, they will keep slow the number of snails at our aquariums. The Anentome follow the trail of other snails and when they find the "lucky one" they can snack on it. We find them in stores and aquarium hobbyists exchange, the price ranges of 3 $ / each. You can look through pages as http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=anentome&_sacat=0&_from=R40

What are the maintenance parameters Anentome helena snail? Here we will make a small tab about Anentome helena:

 Snails are native to Southeast Asia where they live in temperatures between 15 and 30 º C in water containing media, are hermaphrodites like most of snails, with several snails we can ensure reproduction without worrying about having male and female.

Their diet is "everything", but as many of us prefer snails, but if there are not also accept food waste for our fish, porridge ...

They prefer aquariums with sand or silt substrate where they have the option to bury, reproduction is simple, after copulation and oviposition small snails will be born a few weeks, these mini Anentome be buried up to a larger size, although we can occasionally observe them at night

I encourage everyone to see many species of snails for our freshwater aquariums. If you find this information interesting please share it with all your contacts. We appreciate that the source is acknowledged naturebrain.

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