The Albino Labeo bicolor

Epalzeorhynchos frenatum , the famous albino shark labeo .

It is a species from Northern Thailand, where he lives in the currents of the rivers.

Believe it or cousin albino mutation labeo bicolor , is a separate species, which can grow up to 30 inches in the wild.

Labeo albino colors will be very racy when the fish are in good condition and between excitation state of courtship to copies of their nature or because they defend their territory.

And it is an extremely territorial species, biting defend their ground against smaller fish and other specimens of the same species , specimens especially males.

Males are more slender than females who are also more rounded belly and red fins is much more intense.

The aquarium substrate should be minimum grain size and must pay special attention to who does not have sharp edges, for just as the corydoras will suffer their beards and we might damage them.

They need not too dim , and some stream, as indicated at the beginning , plus a minimum of 100 liters aquarium would be recommended.

Caution, they are excellent jumpers and experience the slightest nervous we'll see out of the aquarium , where will die soon but act fast.

When a fish cojáis any surface always do it with wet acaricieis salabre and not your skin , then will you be damaging the mucosa of " skin " and will not do you any good .

Temperature between 20 and 28 º C and average high hardness, although not very demanding in terms of water parameters .

In the aquarium is recommended that endow hiding places , holes in pots and densely planted areas , so they can shelter as needed.



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