Royal Nauyaca

This snake also known as velvet is considered the most dangerous in America. Usually found in Central America and northern South America.

Is a snake which the female is larger than the male, these being between 1.40 and 1.80 m. length without actually exceed 1.95 m., whereas normal females are in 1.85 cm. in length, and can weigh 6 kg., although have been found specimens from 2.5 m., which weighed more.


Physical characteristics

Females also have a larger head than the male, always proportional to her body. They have diagonal stripes and diamonds in various shades of brown, the bottom of the head is pale yellow tone. From newborn are brighter, and younger males have yellow tail tip.



It is considered a very aggressive snake and easily irritated, it is also considered one of the more dangerous by the fact that most bites are caused by it, also due to the fact that this snake likes to hunt mice, rats, lizards and many sometimes found where people living there. Many attacks are produced in the interiors of the houses.



The pairing of these snakes can occur in different seasons and different areas, usually have about 30 young, although known 100 offspring.