Black Mamba

It's a very typical snake in Africa, but also can be found in the Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Zambia, Somalia, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania and most parts of Africa.


Physical characteristics

They usually measure about 2.5 m. but have come have found some 4.5 m. and can weighs about 1.6 kg. His name is not due to its colour, as they are yellowish green or metallic gray, but should be within the colour of the inside of your mouth. These snakes can live for nearly 11 years. Snake is a very territorial, so it can get very aggressive if threatened especially if it is near his den. They are basically diurnal snakes, and its diet consists of small mammals, birds and lizards. They return to the same bed every night.

There are two snakes that are considered of the same species, the western green mamba and green mamba, but are considered less venomous that black mamba because they are smaller and can also be fatal.



It is the second most venomous snake after the coastal taipan. Its venom takes little time to work a few minutes or seconds and is only mortal, due to the fact that attacks heart and causes respiratory problems, because it affects the internal organs. It is the most poison injected into its bite.


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