Dangerous pets

This time I'm not going to talk about the pit -bull, rottweiler, etc. . . But of a most special and dangerous pets really. We all know that people love to be pet and there are times that we like that are special, so some unsuspecting choose exotic animals as pets should not be kept in a house, as it can be a python, all is known that this type of snake is not poisonous, so many people choose a pet, they think that if they bite nothing will happen, but you are wrong, because the python is constricting, ie strangles its prey to kill, so we are sleeping quietly as we can attack, and the worst is that they have an extraordinary force .


They tell people to buy a tiger who thinks that monkeys are furry, like stuffed animals, but watch those wonderful stuffed animals grow and become larger, and much love we have given and even of the same family as cats (felines) have nothing to do for their aggressiveness and size, make no mistake, if they attack their caregivers to a park that will make us do not even know really care.


I could go on talking about more cases but I will not bore you, because people in addition to fashion and now wants a hyena, baboon, a tarantula, an alligator. Please a little head that if they harm their owners alike escape and make it to third people.