The pig, pig parts and uses

Pig leverage all parts starting from the feet to the head, is the animal that is better utilized


The trotters are essential in a good stew or are delicious oven baked

The knuckles, these are delicious in a rich lentils

The legs of the typical ham get back around 7 kg in weight and front blades, weighing less than 5 kg


We climb to the head

Chops, bone bearing part they can be grilled or grilled

The back is the part of the chop that it takes no bone to pick a good back there to look at the tender which has 2 volumes of light and dark colours , this is the most tender

Bacon, is one of the more oily parts and which is used to make it more grilled

Shoulder is the meat that is made for chopping burgers or sausages

Tenderloins definitely the best part, perfect for grilling or preparing sauce .


But the pig is used throughout, see more parts:

The face and ears, nose plate typical bars with gas made from fried pork in hot oil

The guts, these are used in the preparation of high quality meats today also uses a much more economical synthetic gut for making sausages

The blood will be used in the preparation of some sausages such as the black sausages

The liver, besides garlic fried and used in transplantation medicine


Let's go down one more level

Offal, in many city markets meat section you can find some other tripe stop , there we can find pork products as common but not as good as a sirloin , for example , head, heart , bones several ...



And what about a sucking pig, sucking pig typical of Segovia dish consisting of roasted in a wood oven a sucking pig carcass with only salt, water and some herbs and spices ...


In closing and in conclusion: ' If in Spain not exist the pig would have to invent it'.


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