I always wanted a chicken

I always wanted a chicken, I really like fried eggs 2 egg yolks and if they still like more.


My dream is to get up in the morning and go to the garden to pick my egg to make me an omelette morning with fresh chicken eggs , healthy hens eating the healthy things not fattening feed with all sorts of products.


But one thing to dream and quite another to make, meanwhile I get info for my chicken.


How long does a chicken live?


Chickens live 10 or 12 years ... but of course, they will not be laying eggs until the last day of his life, I guess that will have a reproductive life of about five years.


How many eggs do a hen month?


Unlike males that produce more and more sperm , eggs chickens have counted , I could not locate the number of eggs that are assigned , but if they put a maximum around 300 eggs a year , we are talking of laying hens and multiplied by five years laying eggs every day , that's 1,500 eggs ... Should not we think a little on cholesterol ?


What eats a chicken?


The chickens eat everything, but if we give them seeds will be best, corn, wheat, bread, oatmeal ... need 2.5 kg of food per month for each hen.


Do I have to take my hen to the vet if I want to eat your eggs?


Well it's like anything ... but does not consult the vet about the health of our chicken, deworm, have it cleaned and maintained, and that will give us fresh eggs.


Is it dangerous to have a homemade chicken coop?


For residents at best, because they'll be fed up with us and our chickens, if you live in a city or urbanized area probably will not let us have them.


Is it necessary to have a rooster for a hen to lay eggs?


No, you just need a bed and have your selection ... unnatural, but facilitated by man to lay eggs.