Andalusian hound

Dogs are very lively and though at first some may be fearful, then they are very affectionate and playful.


There are different varieties, depending on both the size of the coat :

Andalusian Hound large, medium and small , depending on the hair coat is hard, long and sleek or short. There is another variety of Andalusian hound medium short hair that is called Maneto, due to its robust and short legs .



Like other hounds have a great sense of sight , smell and hearing , which makes them good hunters , especially in regard to rabbit hunting .



In the big game practiced in central and southern Spain Rehal ( dog group ) typically consist of large sized hounds for harassment and some medium-sized and search dogs. In small game using medium size dogs or girl, either individually , in pairs or arcades ( gangs of dogs).

In Andalusian farmhouses plus size hounds were used as guard dogs and as cleaners kid sized rodent.



Despite being a breed , it was not until 1990 when it officially entered the world of cinología , with the formation of the breed club , which promoted studies and work necessary for racial characterization, conducted by the University of ethnology and identification Animal production department veterinary animal Cordoba university . Yet race is not recognized by the FCI or any other association of international cynological given the large overlap with the hound Portuguese, which suggests that they try or not really distinct races . However in 1992 when it was recognized by the RSCE as standard racial.